The Deaths of David and Romie Hodell


Miscellaneous Files

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This section contains a collection of miscellaneous documents, including two hand written by Meda Hodell herself, and the text of Romie Hodell's alleged suicide note. Of particular interest is an account of the case written by Mr. Lee W. Keippel. Although there are several events which I am not able to substantiate and believe to be more rumor turning to fact over time, it is quite thorough and gives the reader an excellent overview of the case. I have done some minor editing and reformatting to this document to make it easier to read, and have added a few notes and images for the reader's reference.



File Name





Spooner35 .pdf Date unk.   "Serving for Life on a Technicality" by Harry Spooner
Hodell16 .pdf Date unk.  

The Story Of My Life by Mrs. Romie D. Hodell, March 06, 19?3. Hand written by Meda Hodell. (See notes on Hodell53.pdf below)

Hodell18 .pdf Date unk.  

Transcripts of Romie Hodell’s purported suicide notes.

Hodell48 .pdf Date unk.  

Document from Fremont District Library files with brief descriptions of several of the photographs contained in the collection.

Hodell53 .pdf Date unk.  

Transcript of document purported to be written by Meda Hodell discussing the circumstances of her father-in-law, David Hodell’s death. The heading on this document is “The Story of Her Life” but rather, this editor believes instead that this may actually be a letter written by Ms. Hodell to her attorney, Fred Everett, outlining the circumstances of the death of David Hodell. Please see Hodell100.pdf, which is the original of this document, and also Hodell16.pdf which is very similar but not identical.

Hodell98 .pdf Date unk.  

Document written by Lee W. Keippel entitled “The David and Romie Hodell Murders” and is not part of the Spooner collection. Minor editing and reformatting has been done by this editor. Note: There are some events listed as fact that this editor is not able to substantiate. For example, I am unable to find any evidence to support claims of incest between Meda Hodell and her brothers, or that the bodies of any babies were ever found buried in the barn on Dudgeon property. However, none of Branstrom’s files have been available for review, nor have I spoken with Mr. Keippel. The reader is encouraged to keep this in mind while reviewing this document.

Hodell99 .pdf 07-29- 1925? Unsigned note written on Detroit House of Correction memo pad and evidently from July 29, 1925(?), discussing Judge Barton's instructions to jury not to convict Herman Dudgeon or Robert Bennett in the "boy's" (Romie?) trial, and to convict Lee Dudgeon of Manslaughter. Memo indicates these comments were heard by a matron named Grace Travis. Last two lines are incomplete.
Hodell100 .pdf Date unk.   Entitled "How David Hodell My Husband's Father Came to Our Place for a Visit of a Few Days and Died There". Written in Meda Hodell's hand, a transcript of this document can be found at Hodell53.pdf. It is also very similar to another lengthy account written by Mrs. Hodell, Hodell16.pdf.